The Tower group owns a high quality diversified portfolio of office and retail properties based (50 properties valued at R5.1 bn) predominantly in Gauteng and the Western Cape, with some exposure in KwaZulu-Natal. Flagship properties include Cape Quarter, a landmark retail and office property in Cape Town and Upper Grayston Drive Office Park, a green star rated office park in Sandton.

The company’s objective is to provide investors with strong investment returns, comprising a growing income stream and capital value. This will be achieved firstly, by adding value through active property asset management, and secondly, through the cost-effective ‘greening’ of properties in the portfolio which will result in reduced occupation costs for tenants and increased investment performance.

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Tower has adopted an active strategy of ‘greening’ key properties. This is through improving energy efficiency, which is resulting in significant savings in electricity costs, thus making buildings more competitive and helping to “future-proof” them against future rises in tariffs. Basic cost effective energy and water savings measures that can be implemented at low or no cost are being applied across the portfolio. The two largest properties in the portfolio, Cape Quarter and De Ville Shopping Centre have undergone lighting retrofits, resulting in reduced energy consumption. Cape Quarter was the first building in the portfolio to have Solar installed at the property at an IRR of 17%.

Buildings are being  benchmarked against the Green Building Council of South Africa’s ‘Energy and Water Benchmarking tool’ and their improvement in performance is monitored and reported on. These measures increase the competitiveness and values of buildings in Tower’s portfolio over time.

Tower was incorporated on 11 April 2012 and converted into a public company on 22 February 2013 to invest in assets and opportunities within the retail, industrial and office sectors. Tower is a property investment fund that is structured as a REIT and was the first new REIT to list in the country.